Ilhem Khodja



  • Support of Herbie Hancock Tour “Future to Future” (with Chima Band)
  • Tour with band Soulounge
  • DaimlerChrysler MB Sprinter Inszenierung – Barcelona
  • O2 Party Cebit – Hannover
  • BMW Get together Formel I – Monaco
  • Swarovsky “out of Africa” collection presentation in the Kristallpalast
  • Resident Pacha München 2000,2001
  • Wempe Opening München
  • J+B Events
  • C&A Tv Commercial Song Germany
  • DaimlerChrysler TV Commercial Germany
  • Club 360 – Istanbul
  • Jaguar Event, Germany
  • Buddha Barcelona Event – Barcelona
  • Davidoff New Brand Events
  • Instyle Magazin release party
  • DKNY Shop Opening Istanbul
  • Moet Chandon Events
  • KIA Presentation in Rom and Madrid
  • Käffer Christmas Celebrations, München
  • BMW Präsentation new X5, München and Berlin
  • Maserati Presentation in Istanbul
  • Audi Showroom opening tour Middle-East, Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait
  • Porsche Showroom Opening Shanghai, China
  • Lufthansa Event, Nan Jing China
  • Vw worldwide press presentation, 22 shows, Berlin
  • Cartier Christmas tour 2008 in Deutschland,Wien,Prag
  • Cartier Opening in Sofia, Bulgaria (with Dita Von Teese)
  • Verve Club, Bar1000 Berlin
  • Cartier Fashion night Paris
  • Hugo Boss shop opening , Frankfurt am Main
  • Soho House Berlin
  • Hugo Boss Party @ Grand Prix Monaco
  • Martini Rosato Lounge party Istanbul
  • Vogue Magazin party Fashion week Istanbul
  • Bulgari, Munich
  • Inti Festival, Lima Peru
  • Bulgari, Munich

ILHEM KHODJA - Mine’s a Cosmopolitan!

„A singer with a strong jazz, funk and soul voice, the beautiful Ilhem walks with firm steps on the road she paved herself far from the banalities of pop music.“
Harpers Bazaar

„You must have seen her singing on some of the most prominent stages of Istanbul. It is impossible not to be mesmerised by her brilliant voice and her strikingly exotic beauty.“
Vogue Turkey

Maybe it was fate, after all. Named ‘god’s inspiration’ by her doting parents, this inspired and inspiring talent seemed destined to spread her creative wings and take her talents to the world.

From the moves of ballet to moving sounds, Ilhem Khodja had just reached her teens in France where she grew up, when she was discovered by the Grande Dame of jazz, Elene Dee. Amazed by the deep, soulful voice of this pint-sized miracle, Dee took Ilhem under her wings and on to the stages of Lyon, Paris and New York when her curly-haired charge was a mere 12 years old. With plenty of discipline and determination, the young singer volunteered for the school of hard knocks, for six years of intensive jazz and gospel training, until she felt ready to take her now finely honed talents to the international stage.

Born to a German/Hungarian mother and an Algerian father, Ilhem Khodja’s background, temperament and music unveils an equally vibrant mix of Central European cool and North African spice. Coupled with plenty of sass, cheek and charisma her smooth, buttery, yet powerful voice soon earned her a name as a vocal coach and – lest we forget – professional singer for large events and clients around the world. Berlin, Barcelona, Istanbul, Dubai, Rome, Shanghai – you name it, she’s wowed the crowds. She soon became a true performer, an old-school diva without the obligatory airs and graces.

Now flitting between Berlin, London, Istanbul, Ibiza and wherever else her calling might take her, she finds herself fluent in a ‘mere’ four languages (French, German, English and Spanish), yet remains down to earth and firmly rooted in her quest for making the most of her eclectic talents and passions. A considered aesthete, she travels the world with an open eye for inspiration, but also injustice, for differences and diversity. In this, Ilhem is far more than the sum of her parts – and so is her music.

After plenty of collaborations with songwriters (Ken Rose, Benny Merkelbach ..), Djs (Tobi Neumann, Masomenos, Solomon, Mike Shannon, Julie Marghilano..), musicians (Matti Klein, Michael Kersting, Bjorn Werra, Sebastian Borkowsky, Paul Kleber, Benne Aperdennier, Askin Arsunan..) and producers (Finca Am Ibiza, dOp, George Lemos..) around the world as well as several record deal offers(Virgin Records, GTM), Ilhem decided to go on her own path and pour her heart and soul into her debut. The result promises to be a powerful distillate of soul, groove, jazz,oriental sounds, electronic and everything that makes her what she is: beautiful, sassy, powerful, multi-faceted and – simply irresistible.